(Pictured: Catherine de’ Medici, Born April 13, 1519)

00:00:00 – Bob explains what happened this week (it’s getting hectic).

00:05:00 – Bert’s report – Origins of the Human Dimension: 3 Jesus’, de’ Medicis, Stuarts, Amalekites, ascended continent.

01:00:00 – Bob tells Madeleine how to “take” iON.

01:30:00 – Attacks on Bob et al.

02:30:00 – Bob explains the REAL meaning of “the medium is the message”.

Music list:

TitleYouTube URL
The Dells – Oh What A Nighthttps://youtu.be/Z1ozQT8yQXA
Toulouse – It Always Happens This Wayhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAZC2W2a3-s
Lester Bowie’s Brass Fantasy – Nexthttps://youtu.be/bJ83A4n0Ans
Tavares – Remember What I Told You to Forgethttps://youtu.be/kYc7w3NNTP0
Polyphia – Playing Godhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5NoQg8LdDk
Big Thief – Nothttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKmD6-piK2A
Giorgio and Chris – Love’s In You, Love’s In Mehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vePECCew844
Robin Trower – I’m out to Get Youhttps://youtu.be/5E6REqg1FUU
Bob Dylan – It’s All Over Now, Baby Bluehttps://youtu.be/L4HW33SgZlM?si=F8Q-p-11UbbrCgi3
Howard Shore – Fadela’s Covenhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yJHyBiAlOk
Isaac Hayes – One Womanhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzliSxRMXLg
Nolan Strong & The Diablos – That’s What You’re Doing to Mehttps://youtu.be/mUWAv0lrZuk
Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Aroundhttps://youtu.be/k9IfHDi-2EA
Peter Jacques Band – Walking on Musichttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkM3HOiPpfk
Timi Yuro – Make The World Go Awayhttps://youtu.be/ZnktcC3xvJA

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5 comments on “April 24, 2024

  1. Avatar Trey McMullen (PulsatingShadow) Apr 25, 2024

    At 1:10:00, “how to hold it?” the lady asks, referring to how to use or make sense of iON stuff. In the abstract, she seems to be asking how one should interact with and extract useful chunks out of a rhapsode who is under the influence of a muse.

    I’ve also been speech-to-text transcribing these with OpenAI’s Whisper on huggingface. It’s a lot of fun, it’s a lot like doing exegesis on CCRU Writings but more interactive since I could go drive over to JW if I had a question.

  2. Avatar Trey McMullen (PulsatingShadow) Apr 25, 2024

    You should explain to Greg what Rhapsodes do, what they’re for. Or the skills or whatever perceptive capacities a listener gains by digesting it. Unless observing how a left hemispheric type deals with iONauts is the real purpose of this show, heehee.

    • Avatar Bob Dobbs May 1, 2024

      “The Waste Land’s polyphonic array of voices, vignettes, and jaggedly layered allusions cut one from the next in the way a television might switch from channel to channel. Banal infomercial, the weather, action flick, ads, soap opera. Unburied corpses, dissolution of national identity, the Rape of Philomel, Tiresias witnessing far too much, and so on. The disciples on the Road to Emmaus, the Agony in the Garden, Coriolanus, Dante, the Chapel Perilous, the Upanishads. Images of coherent belief and traditional sources of meaning are piled up next to each other—The Waste Land’s spiritual channel surfing—in a formless attempt to construct enough meaning to preserve life. The misery is felt intensely.

      “In Everything Everywhere All At Once, director Daniel Kwan employs the same technique. Evelyn takes on qualities from alternate Evelyn’s haphazardly: kung fu Evelyn, sausage fingers Evelyn, pinky kung fu Evelyn, blind singer Evelyn, rock Evelyn, and so on. Moreover, the precondition for verse jumping is doing something really strange, and, in certain parts of the film, Evelyn and other characters go from one bizarre action – blowing on someone’s nose, eating chapstick – to more and more hilariously off actions. The film’s characters constantly cycle through different identities, each more absurd than the last. In the end, EEAO’s spiritual channel surfing all becomes a kind of joke. Nothing matters, but we can be funny.” – Adam Pugen

      “The Men of 1914” (Joyce, Pound, Lewis, and Eliot) all contributed to that “WASTELAND” (1922) percept.

      I later put the above percept in order – reduced it – via the pentad (Android Meme)/hexad (iON and the Tech Body) from FINNEGANS WAKE, 1939, to name this common condition today, “quadrophrenia” (meaning inclusively from a psychological, sociological, and environmental mosaic to a multi-body overlayering).

      “T. S. Eliot’s famous account of ‘the auditory imagination’ has become an ordinary form of awareness; but Finnegans Wake, as a comprehensive study of the psychic and social dynamics of all media, remains to be brought into the waking life of our world.” – Marshall McLuhan, Letter to Playboy Magazine, p.18, March, 1970 (commenting on Leslie Fiedler, “Cross the border, close the gap!”, Dec. 1969, Playboy Magazine, in which occurs the first mention, or one of the first mentions, of the term “Postmodernism”.)

      Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Edmund Husserl, the postmodern human-potential advocates of the 60s and 70s featured at Esalen in Big Sur, Cognitive Scientists, Mark Stahlman’s recent retrieval of “Faculty Psychology”, and today’s post-human thinkers aren’t up to the job/perceptual-conceptual challenge.

      iON (far from being limited to just calling them a rhapsode [Trey McMullen] or tulpa [Bruce Powe]) is the only public “talker” today that is up to the task.

      A major solution to this “plague” is our recent introducing of the iONic hardware technology – our “Cold Play” (“endless electricity”) – globally (eventually) (now in Augusta, Georgia), and our outstanding new medical organic “software”.


      AND this should – and will – be taught in high school… or in whatever format the traditional educational programming becomes.

      • Avatar Bob Dobbs May 4, 2024


        I made this chart for Gerry Belanger’s HYPE Magazine (or zine) #3, in 1990.

        Gerry (an aspiring DJ on college radio, about 22 years old) was the first distributor of the CD, BOB’S MEDIA ECOLOGY, in the Spring of 1992.

        His company was called DOVentertainment (Death of Vinyl).