Frank Zappa often complained by the Eighties that he found it difficult to find musicians who were familiar with the Doo-Wop and R&B records of the Fifties.

So his love of that music could not be featured in his later concerts as much as he would like.

Frank would occasionally mention that he had a sizable collection of 45s from the Fifties.

I now encounter young people who never even heard of this music, not even from their parents.

When I lived in New York City between 1993 and 2008, I would listen to WFUV, broadcasting from Fordham University in the Bronx, almost every Saturday night between midnight and 2am, and record Dan Romanello’s “GROUP HARMONY REVIEW”.

Romanello was one of the most knowledgeable DJs of the music from the Fifties and early Sixties in the world.

We have now made 45 of his shows available – that’s approximately 90 hours of this incredible music!!!

His commentary throughout the shows is exemplary for its scholarship, including interviews with many of the musicians, who performed in those years on the street corners, since so many of them were still living in the New York City area.

This collection may not interest all Zappa enthusiasts but we are making it available to those who already enjoy this music as well as those who have never experienced it before. Frank showed me this collection occasionally and we would often listen to a few records.

Bob Dobbs

Tracks in episode:

00:00:00 – Oh, What A Night – The Dells
00:05:34 – I Thank The Moon – The Crests
00:13:33 – A Lonely Man’s Prayer – The Bleu Lights
00:20:02 – Could I Adore You – The Blue Jays
00:23:20 – Girl In The Drug Store – Bobby Mathis And The Sevilles
00:25:48 – Just Bid Me Farewell – Four Bars
00:28:15 – Dream A Little Dream – The New Yorkers
00:30:43 – Whatcha Gonna Do – Nolan Strong & The Diablos
00:33:37 – Whatcha Gonna Do – The Drifters, Clyde McPhatter
00:41:19 – I Will Wait – The Five Dollars
00:45:08 – Give Me Your Number – The King Bees
00:47:45 – Teenage Triangle – The Five Satins
00:50:22 – Ebony Rhapsody – Ivie Anderson, Duke Ellington
00:56:38 – Pleading To You, The Five Owls
01:00:32 – Give Me Your Number – The King Bees
01:02:31 – That´s What You´re Doin´ To Me – Nolan Strong & The Diablos
01:04:55 – When I’m With You – The Chants
01:07:25 – Count Every Star – The Rockers
01:10:00 – Darling Do You Love Me – Harold & The Casuals
01:12:42 – Big Heavy (Blue Lights Boogie) – Cozy Eggleston
01:15:43 – See You Next Year – The Cleftones
01:18:12 – Twelve Months of the Year – Little Caesar & The Romans
01:20:35 – Twelve Months Of The Year – The Moonglows
01:27:24 – Through a Long And Sleepless Night – The Platters
01:29:35 – I Took Your Love For A Toy – The Five Keys
01:32:05 – The Dreamers – Melba
01:34:57 – Show Me The Way – The Five Notes
01:37:33 – Please Mr. Sun – Tippy & The Clovermen
01:41:41 – But Not For Me – Grateful, Barbara English & The Clickettes
01:45:54 – Lover’s Prayer – Grateful, Barbara English & The Clickettes
01:48:10 – To Be A Part Of You – Barbara English & The Clickettes
01:50:20 – Grateful, Barbara English & The Clickettes
01:54:30 – Tambarin – Tangiers
01:57:34 – Goodnight My Love, Pleasant Dreams – Jesse Belvin

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